The venue for in-depth technical discussions on
OAuth, OpenID Connect & Co.

“The OSW remains the best venue for getting things done in the identity protocols space. The best minds in the industry are there, all eager to solve hard problems: expect two days of relentless focus and remarkable results.”
­— Vittorio Bertocci

“OSW has given me the opportunity to listen, learn and discuss with the best and most experienced people in this domain. If you’re lucky you might even get to witness or participate in the birth of a new international standard or two.”
— Steinar Noem, Udelt AS

“The OAuth Security Workshop is the leading venue where experts from academia and industry join forces to discuss and harden current and future identity standards.”
— Prof. Ralf Küsters, University of Stuttgart

What is the OAuth Security Workshop?

The OAuth Security Workshop (OSW) aims to improve the security of OAuth, OpenID Connect, and related Internet protocols by facilitating a direct exchange among academic researchers, standardization group members, and industry experts.

While the standardization processes within the different standardization organizations ensure extensive reviews (both security and non-security related), further analysis by security experts from academia and industry is essential to ensure high-quality specifications. Contributions to this workshop can help to improve the security of the Web and the Internet. 

OSW also serves as an independent venue for the exchange between various working groups (IETF OAuth and GNAP working groups, OpenID Foundation, etc.).

Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC BY-SA 3.0

April 10-12, 2024, Auditorium Antonianum, Rome/Italy

Hosted by Fondazione Bruno Kessler. Co-located with TDI 2024.

In-person only.



Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC BY-SA 3.0

OSW 2023: London, UK

August 22-24, 2023, Royal Holloway University, London/UK

In-person only.


Past Events

OSW 2022

May 4-6, 2022, Trondheim/Norway

In-person only.  


OSW 2021: virtual

30-11-2021 and 01-12-2021

A fully-virtual, two-day event. 



OSW 2020: virtual

July 2020

Originally planned to take place in Trondheim, Norway, the OSW 2020 was a fully virtual event, hosted by Computer, Menschen, Dinge e.V., Trier.


OSW 2019: Stuttgart, Germany

March 2019, Stuttgart/Germany

The fourth OSW was hosted by the Institute for Information Security, University of Stuttgart.

OSW 2018: Trento, Italy

March 2018, Trento/Italy

The third OSW was hosted by the Security and Trust research unit of the Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK).

OSW 2017: Zurich, Switzerland

July 2017, Zurich/Switzerland

The second OSW was hosted by the Zurich Information Security and Privacy Center of ETH Zurich.

OSW 2016: Trier, Germany

July 2016, Trier/Germany

The first official OAuth Security Workshop, hosted by the Chair for Information Security and Cryptography, University of Trier.

OSW 2015: The Beginning

November 2015, Darmstadt/Germany

Where everything began. Hosted by Deutsche Telekom.